We do not commercialize or manage our own financial products.
Additionally, we do not benefit from revenue sharing agreements or share participations in other financial institutions. Any financial benefit that we may receive (present and/or future) is passed on to our clients.

Asset Growth EAF’s share capital belongs to its employees who do not have a business relationship of any kind with any other national or international financial institution. Our only source of income is the fees paid by our clients.


There are no hidden agendas to the proposed investment recommendations or hidden costs in the financial advice provided our clients. Our clients always know the cost of our services and can easily assess the usefulness of our services.

Follow up and Commitment

The value of our services is proven by the high degree of satisfaction expressed by our clients, achieved through our total commitment and continued attention to our client’s portfolios.

Each advisor focuses on a reduced number of clients, which permits a high degree of dedication and individual follow-up.


Our employees have worked for many years in the most relevant international financial centres (London, New York and Madrid).

They have the ability to adapt to different economic cycles and investment scenarios, know what strategies work in the long term and have forbearance to market uncertainties.

Professional Standards

We have our own methodology which allows us to offer the high-quality tailor-made investment solutions to our clients.

From the very first meeting with one of our financial advisors you will be able to identify the quality of our advice and customized investment solutions.


We offer investment recommendations that have realistic return objectives based on a detailed analysis of the specific financial situation, personal goals, and risk profile of our clients.

Asset Growth EAF will not recommend investments that are not aligned with each client’s personal objectives and risk profile.